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Garden centres

Refurbishment, turn-key or extension; at Smiemans you are the right place! From design to construction, from technical installations to maintenance.

Botanic glasshouses

Tailor-made botanic glasshouses with the exact right climate and a range of plants and flowers. High-end quality buildings, innovative and sustainable.

Glass constructions

Distinct glasshouses for profit and non-profit purposes. With proper planning, routing, equipment and all within the available budget.… glasshouses that people will talk about and come back to.

Care sector

Glasshouses for various day care activities: physical training, social interaction, convalescence or workshops. Healthier, more affordable and durable.

Smiemans Projecten, for the realisation of all kinds of glass constructions

Whether it is a turn-key garden centre, refurbishment or maintenance ... If you choose for Smiemans Projecten, you choose for quality and innovative (glass) constructions. From design to construction, from installations to refurbishment. Innovation; every project is unique. With half a centrury of knowledge we offer you total service, taking the available budget into account, we can do the job for you!


More knowledge: a new brand name

EdenParks is the new brand of Smiemans Projecten. With the second generation of Smiemans in charge and an increasing number of ambitious national and international projects, we feel the need to communicate our products and services more clearly to our current and future clients. We have so much know-how… the well-known and reliable brand Smiemans Projecten will continue to be dedicated specialist in commercial garden centres.