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“Greenhouses are highly innovative, ‘green’ buildings that have a minimal carbon footprint, both in terms of materials and the building process. ”

Jeroen Smiemans


Minimum ecological footprint

A few decades ago, we were one of the first in our market to invest in sustainability. At Smiemans Projecten, building a sustainable business is standard practice as we follow the principles of ‘Building Smart’ and IFD. What’s more, we carefully consider the use of resources, energy and ecological impact before, during and after building the glasshouse.

Minimum carbon footprints

Our consultancy department achieves glasshouses with minimum carbon footprints because:

  • we build flexibly with re-usable material
  • we use locally manufactured, recyclable material
  • we achieve excellent energy performances  

In many cases, glasshouses produce energy and they become an energy source themselves since they often produce more energy than they consume. It is therefore our advice to make sure you are well informed about the many glasshouse technologies available. One such technology for example is geothermic energy which acts as an alternative source of energy by means of warm water storage underground and re-used for heating, cooling or other purposes within our glass constructions.

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