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“Our clients will get the attention they deserve, we work closely together. This is how, as a team, we are able to inspire, support and unburden you!”

Jeroen Smiemans, director Smiemans Projecten

Glass constructions

Would you like to impress your visitors? Let the building enhance the value of your organization, brand, project or product. Let the building create the promise that you would like to fulfil: distinctly and sustainably.

Distinct and affordable greenhouses for profit and non-profit purposes: from exhibition centre, museum to retail or the hospitality industry… glasshouses that people will talk about and come back to. We design and build them.

The options are endless: in terms of technology and design!

If you would like to attract large crowds of visitors and consumers in your retail, leisure or exhibition centre and if you would like to position your brand in a unique way, then you opt for a Smiemans Projecten glasshouse. The being-inside-outside experience of a glass building combined with a perfectly regulated climate offers visitors a wonderful sense of freedom.

Public buildings

A wide range of clients approach us with their requests. For example, we developed the exterior of the 16,500 m2 ‘Experience Glasshouse’ in the new Dutch zoo 'Wildlands' which is unique in Europe. A good example of combining educational, research and business in one building is the World Horti Center, the knowledge- and innovation centre for horticulture. This glass construction has a surface of 4.520m2 and a glass roof of 12.30 meters high. This is high enough for two floors with shared facilities for ± 300 guests, such as an auditorium, meeting rooms, flexible workstations and a restaurant. 

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