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Please find below our latest news:

An ongoing maintenance contract is a good decision!

At this moment we are working at several projects of ours for maintenance, like Wisley and Van Hage. Ongoing maintenance contract is a good decision, because it can prolong life and prevent malfunctions. »

Kipster received an honourable mention Dutch Daylight Award

Kipster, a project of Smiemans Projecten in 2017, has received an honourable mention of the Dutch Daylight Award. This is a biennial quality price for buildings with special daylight qualities. Lately the most animal, people and environmentally friendly farm in the world has attracted a lot of attention. It has recently won three important international awards. »

New restaurant for Hansaplant in Estonia

At the end of this year we will build a new restaurant for Hansaplant in Estonia. The garden centre can also use this space for other festivities and gatherings. »

New garden centre for Hobbyland (DK)

In the town of Roskilde, about 35 kilometres west of Copenhagen, Smiemans Projecten will build a new garden centre for Hobbyland next to their existing building. The owner of Hobbyland wants to divide the construction of this project into two phases. The construction for the first phase will start in September. »

Opening Ivy House of Groves Nurseries

On 14 May, the new restaurant Ivy House was opened by the proud owner Charlie Groves. This photo gives an impression of the magnificent restaurant for Groves Nurseries. The combination of steel and wood gives a warm appearance to the glass pavilion. »

Last work for new garden centre in Denmark

The new garden centre of the Danish chain Billig Blomst recently opened their doors. The Venlo glass construction with an area of 4,800 m2 has been built in the city of Aalborg. »

World Horti Center officially opened by the Dutch Queen Máxima

March 7 the most important innovation center of the international horticulture sector was opened by none other than Dutch Queen Máxima. »

Squire's Garden Centre in Woking will soon open

The garden centre received 1,700m² additional covered sales space, HighLight and venlo. At the same time, we built a spacious new entrance and replace most doors. »

Project EdenParks nominated for 'The Roof of the year'

Jardin d'Hiverre at "Bomencentrum Nederland" has been nominated for the award: Roof of the Year. The independent jury noticed the special shape of the roof and the combination of the materials that have been used in this progressive project. This is a wonderful recognition for everyone of EdenParks, part of Smiemans Projecten. »

Completion of Restaurant Ivy House

We have just carried out the air pressure test at the new Groves Nurseries restaurant. A large amount of pressurized air is brought into this project testing the air tightness of the whole buiding. We passed with an incredible score. Everything went perfect. Completion of Restaurant Ivy House is in sight. »

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