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“We built a beautiful garden centre within the planning and the available budget!”

Jeroen Smiemans

Alméér plant (NL)

Turn-key project

PlaceAlmere, the Netherlands
Surface6,961 m², height 5.5m 
PurposeGarden centre
TypeWide span

In a very short period, this project was completed turn-key to the full satisfaction of our customers. As general contractor we took care of everything; beginning with the demolition of the old greenhouse until the interior design of the new garden centre. Also things like: the pavement inside and outside, the foundation and the technology (heating, electricity, lighting, etc).

The new garden centre is composed of three parts;

  • A beautiful light and well insulated cold greenhouse for the sale of outdoor plants;
  • Cool area with dark roofpanels providing a natural light that cannot discolour the products. Together with the artificial light a nice atmosphere can be achieved
  • Warmer area with variation of light and dark areas so the plants have enough light and also the decoration articles are nicely luminated.

Images of Alméér plant (NL)

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