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“The cooperation with Smiemans went very well”

Ronald Koekkoek, VolkersWessel

Wildlands Adventure Zoo in Emmen (NL)

Experience nature in tropical adventure park ‘Jungola’

Realised in2015, zoo opened for public in March 2016
Glasshouse 1Polycarbonate gables for big glasshouse 6,200 m²
Glasshouse 2Complete glasshouse: steel construction, roof and gables, 3 layer ETFE-foil (inflatable cushions)
UseZoo, breeding, exhibition, recreation

The tropical adventure park ‘Jungola’, part of the new Wildlands Adventure Zoo in Emmen, is to provide a new home to birds, monkeys and elephants. At around two hectares in size, 23 metres in height and situated 4 metres under the building line, this enormous glasshouse is unique in Europe.

Smiemans is responsible for the 6,200 m² curtain wall, made from polycarbonate because of its excellent insulation properties, transparency and favourable pricing. The smaller glasshouse of 1,100 m² has a higher section accommodating a butterfly house and a habitat for other reptiles, as well as a lower section which is 200 m² in size. This is intended for the cultivation of plants, caterpillars and butterflies. Smiemans has responsibility for the steel construction work, the curtain walls and the roof, the latter using a special 3-layer ETFE foil, which is extremely hard-wearing, has a high insulation value and is UV-resistant.

The old zoo in Emmen closed its doors on 31 December 2015 and in March 2016, Wildlands, Adventure Zoo Emmen was opened by our King.



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Images of Wildlands Adventure Zoo in Emmen (NL)

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