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“With a glasshouse you can raise the quality level of care. The daylight provides energy...”

Jeroen Smiemans, director EdenParks

Care sector

Tailor-made glasshouses for better care

Buildings can’t cure people, but enjoyable surroundings can certainly reduce stress. They will make people feel better and help them to recover more quickly.

Better care by creating the perfect care facility

Would you like to extend your health care facility with a glasshouse: a tailor-made glass building where your people will feel good? At Smiemans Projecten we design and build excellent quality glass & aluminium constructions for day care activities in the health care sector and for schools. We build effective glasshouses that stand out in terms of their performance, affordable price and looks. In this time of budget cuts, the reasonable pricing and fast construction process of glasshouses are added bonuses.

Positive effect on people's health and well-being

It feels good to be in a transparent and light glasshouse. That’s why they are ideal for day care centres, physical training, social activities, convalescence or workshops. Everyone will enjoy the safe, protected sense of being outside yet being inside in a glass building: from children to senior citizens. And health care professionals love working in them! And glass constructions have more advantages...

Living in a green environment reduces the number of times you need a doctor. It also encourages social contacts and more exercise. Green in the shape of an atrium or a growing area reduces heat stress and improves the air quality.

Are you interested in improving the quality of your day care facilities?

We are looking forward to sharing the numerous advantages of glasshouse constructions with you...

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