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“A natural environment has a positive effect on people’s health. Nature reduces stress, increases resilience and offers peace and comfort. Back in 1984, professor Ulrich discovered that green nature has a beneficial effect on sick people. Source: Erasmus ”

Quote Roger S. Ulrich, Professor at the Centre for Health Systems and Design, College of Architecture A&M University in Texas, USA

Interior of your care centre

The safe, protected sense of being outside

Most important in your glasshouse are efficient use of space, a comfortable climate and excellent (wheelchair) accessibility, for end users, visitors and caregivers. We keep an eye on safety and budget friendly solutions.

The right atmosphere for your care centre

In order to realise the right atmosphere for your care centre, you can choose from several options in lightening, sound and climate as well as a number of facilities, construction and interior design materials and lay-out. With the most modern techniques and insights we create the perfect ambiance.

Decades of knowledge

Our specialists and partners combine their knowledge with more than three decades of experience. Always refined, understanding what is important to you and the end users. By doing so we create healthy daylight buildings.

Without any commitment!