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“Senior citizens with dementia who live in care homes and were exposed to bright light experienced an improvement of their orientation skills and their memory of some 5 percent. Their feelings of depression were reduced by 19 percent. The pace at which they began to experience physical handicaps reduced by 53 percent.”

Positive effect

About the positive impact of a light and green environment

In recent years, the Dutch health care sector (including GGZ, care and V&V) has increasingly contacted us as there is a growing interest in glasshouse constructions. This has to do with the positive characteristics of daylight and green nature. It has been scientifically proven that glass constructions are enjoyable and healthy environments: light, air and nature activities offer positive contributions to people’s mental and physical health. Innovative sustainable developments in the construction of glasshouses are definitely playing a role in this trend.

The projects we have completed are for: the Dutch foundation Middin in Leidschendam, De Bieslandhof (Pieter van Foreest) in Delft, the IPSE Foundation in Nootdorp and most recently for De Zuidwester in Middelharnis, the Netherlands. These glasshouses have a wide range of uses: daytime activities, gardening, meetings, leisure, snoozle, classroom, shop, coffee, etc…

‘Nature has a positive effect on senior citizens. It stimulates the senses and improves their memory: senior citizens learn about nature. Living in a green environment or working in a vegetable garden encourages social interaction. This improves their self-esteem and makes them cure more quickly.’ (Diek, R. e.a. Green & caring for the aged Groen in de ouderenzorg. 2004.)

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